NAFCOC sector chambers

Nafcoc Construction Chamber (NAFCON)

NAFCON also strives to be a major role-player in infrastructure development, construction of need facilities such as hospitals, clinics and schools.

South African Mining And Energy Chamber ( SAMEC)

  • SAMEC are mostly small scale miners and energy companies.
  • — They need a voice to compete against mining giants and conglomerates in the mining and energy sectors.
  • —The giant companies more often than not make entry into the industry difficult through competition and closed markets.



South African Leisure Tourism & Hospitality Association ( SALTHA)

Aims to develop the leisure and tourism in the country , promote and defend members rights, lobby for a conducive atmosphere and growth and development of professional small scale tourism and leisure operators

National African Federated Transport Organisation ( NAFTO)

Membership of NAFTO consists of ;

  • Minibus Taxi Operators
  • Metered Taxi Operators
  • Truckers and Hauliers Business
  • Rail Commuters
  • Maritime Business
  • Scholar Transport Operators
  • Shipping and Logistics Business
  • Cargo and Freight Handling
  • Buses Operators
  • Aviation and
  • Allied Industries

National African Farmers Union (NAFU)

Aims to give more access to land, financial resources, development opportunities, support services , access to markets and critical agricultural skills amongst black farmers

National Industrial Chamber (NIC)

  • To promote the interests of manufacturers and related service industries, especially owner managed industries in South Africa.
  • —To promote the spread of manufacturing entrepreneurship in society


African Cooperative for Hawkers and Informal Businesses (ACHIB)

ACHIB represents the interests of hawkers and informal traders and has consistently fought of the rights of small traders since its formation in the streets of Johannesburg in 1986

Nafcoc Security And Cleaning Sector (NAFSEC)

This chamber represents entrepreneurs in security and cleaning businesses. These include security guard practitioners.

NAFCOC Retail Chamber

NAFRET aims to empower and equip retail and wholesale owners by :

  • supporting and developing local shops
  • providing a conducive atmosphere for the growth of a strong township and rural retail sector that belong to local businesses that support other businesses in the value chain such as manufacturing and agricultural businesses.
  • Today some of NAFRET’s challenges are the mushrooming of shopping malls that are bringing retail chains to the doorsteps of consumers in the townships and rural communities and foreign owned shops that are pushing out local businesses during to low pricing

Special Interest Chambers




In a quest to be more inclusive and to promote equal opportunities , holistic growth of the small businesses NAFCOC established these special interest chambers . They focus of promoting the development of businesses of Youth , women and people with disabilities