NAFCOC is a Federated Chamber comprised of over twenty industry specific sectors of the economy with approximately 2.3 million total membership and aiming to reach a target of 5 millions SMEs by 2023. 

NAFCOC’s main objective has always being to promote, unite and encourage the development of small business in South Africa in general and black entrepreneurs in particular, thereby drawing the majority from the peripheries of the consumption based economy to the frontlines of production based economic activity and decision making processes. 

  • Contributing towards the growth of and promotion of the country’s economy growth and inclusive wealth creation by promoting, developing and expanding small, medium, and micro enterprises with a view of narrowing the ever widening gap between the second economy (predominantly blacks) and the first economy (predominantly whites).
  • Facilitating the acquisition of human and non-human resources to its members and associates.
  • Engaging and lobby government and other stakeholders in the creation of an enabling environment for growth and development of its industry specific sectors and members.
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial culture and mutual support amongst its members
  • Engaging in and facilitating the provision of training and skills development to its members.
  • Recruiting more members and co-ordinating their business activities and mediating and arbitrating disputes amongst its members and with other stakeholders.
  • Promote interstates and/or Africa continent free trade and building of industrial-manufacturing capacity.
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