• Build a solid entrepreneurship and business research capabilities from an elementary school up to tertiary levels including careers identification.
  • Promote and spearhead the Township and rural/village economic development.
  • Promote and drive Black industrialists development programme with more focus on women and youth.
  • Partner with SALGA and CONTRALESA in advancing the revitalization and refurbishment of the countries’ collapsed factories and industries.
  • Partner with SETAs and Local Community Lobbying & Leadership Development Programme
  • Partner with DTI, SARS and DFIs in offering Business Statutory and Compliance Course
  • Partner with UNISA, Regenesis and other institutions for Business Management Training
  • Partner with SITA, Telkom, ESKOM and other SOEs for the establishment and management of Business Advisory and Information Centres
  • Partner with PIC, IDC, NEP, SEFA and the private banks for Access to Markets
  • Promote and facilitate communities CPAs and local government on land utilization and development by cooperatives, small businesses and ensure a sustainable development.
  • Participate on the infrastructure development and the promotion of supplier development programmes of big corporates and SOEs.
  • Partner with all embassies and economic de’tache’ offices in South Africa for the advancement of economic growth through 4IR and innovations.

Areas of Cooperation earmarked:

  •  Government and private sector funding collaboration aimed at supporting training of more communities, SMEs, Youth and Women within various municipality authorities
  • Preferential and Referral Systems enhancement with the developmental state.
  • NAFCOC has working arrangements with Development Finance Institutions such as SEFA, SEDA, IDC, NEF and provincial DFIs where it refers members who seek funding and at times give out pertinent details including application forms to members wishing to apply for loans.
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