• NAFCOC’s Vision 2023 is to be the voice of business in South Africa and represent about 5 million SMMEs membership of both affiliated and associated members through the programme of action comprised of the following:
• To organise NAFCOC through industry specific sectors of the economy -from branch(municipalities), district (Metros), province to national levels.
• Establish partnerships (PPP) with government institutions and parastatal bodies and other key stakeholders such as CONTRALESA, UNIONS, SALGA, CHURCHES, CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPS, UNIVERSITIES, CO-OPERATIVES, STUDENTS AND THE UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE ORGANISATIONS.
• Strengthen business relations with international partners (foreign business chambers), in particular international trade institutions and economic de ’taches offices.
• Partake in broad based black economic empowerment through the creation of the NAFCOC Equity Fund, Micro-Finance Fund, NAFCOC’s African bank and Public Private Partnership Projects as well as empowerment projects.
• Establishment of functioning committees made up of NAFCOC members and experts in all areas that affect the operations of an organisation such as NAFCOC, including but not limited to: Equity and Micro-Finance committee, Legal and Compliance Committee, Parliamentary Committee, Audit and Finance Committee and International Relations Committee.
• To provide capacity building for NAFCOC constituent affiliated members – ensure proper office infrastructures, branding, key personnel and programmes implementation as well as deal making and operations at the constituency levels.
• Revive township and rural economy and the modernization of businesses and compliances.
• Advance member support services – procurement opportunities, skills training, Business Plans, Accounting and taxation issues, legal and disputes resolution, company registrations, Licenses applications, Returns, Capacity Building Information and Communication Technology, Finance, Marketing, Incubation and products prototypes, Tender Documents management, support and provide access to a pool of technical and business consultants etc.


The Women and Youth owned Businesses at NAFCOC represents the entire spectrum of businesses in South Africa, other African countries/regions and some international bodies such as:

• Corporate Organisations
• Small, Medium and Micro business
• Individual traders.
• Government Institutions.
• International Donor Agencies.
• International Chambers of Commerce.
• Business Support Organisations in neighbouring countries and throughout the Eastern and Southern African regions.

The Affiliate members of NAFCOC are made up of nine sectorised Provinces and closed to twenty National Industry Specific Sector Organisations.


Informal Traders & Retail
SA Panel Beaters Ass.
SA Funeral Parl. Ass.
Skills Development & Training
Finance, Insurance & Banking
Professionals & Management Consulting
Health & Medicals
Property & Real Estate
Information System, Electronics & Telecommunications Technologies


• Legal and Compliance Committee
• International Relations Committee
• Finance, Audit and Remuneration Committee
• Economic and Research Committee
• Corporate Relations Committee
• Investments and Projects Committee
• Parliamentary Committee
• Constituency Committee
• Equity, Micro-Finance, Property Fund Committee
• National Working Committee

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE: Recent Elections 28 November 2018

Acting President: SG Mosena
Deputy President: SG. Mosena
Senior Vice President: TL. Khumalo
Second Vice President: MS Ramodike
Secretary General: SS. Sikhosana
Assistant Secretary General: GA. Zondi
Treasury General: TE. Letsoela
Chairperson of Provinces: IM. Masekwameng
Additional Members: Vusi Nunwana, Ella Modise and Mercy Mini

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