About US

About Us

The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC) is an independent and non-profit business support organisation primarily, but not exclusively, serving the black community

Its main objective is to promote and encourage the development of black business in South Africa and thereby draw the black majority into economic activity and decision making.

It aims to promote a spirit of co-operation and unity among black business people, to encourage self-help in the black community and full participation in the economy of the country.


156 000 members – concentrated in the merchandising, building, transport, agriculture, services, manufacturing, mining, security, retail and informal sectors of the economy.

Relationships & Representation:

  • Domestic and Multi-National Corporations
  • SA Chambers of Commerce
  • Government Organisations
  • National Forums
  • International Donor organisations
  • Member of Black Business Council (BBC)
  • Black Business Support organisations in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Countries.
  • “My two decades of NAFCOC membership has been a tremendous benefit professionally and personally. I have kept at the forefront of the discipline by being involved in  annual meetings and through using NAFCOC resources,  I have encountered many members who have contributed to my professional development. NAFCOC commitment to improving teaching and learning has been a special contribution to my life as a enterprenuer.”
    Nafcoc Member