President’s Desk


This year marks the beginning of the second half a century in the life of NAFCOC as a pre-eminent voice of small business in South Africa. This vision is built upon the 50 years of NAFCOC’s existence since its formation in 1964. We envision seeing a metamorphosis of the organisation from a ‘social pressure group’ organisation to an economic focused organisation that seeks to economically empower its members to be key players in the economy. Lobbying becomes a means to a desired end rather than the ultimate goal.
The future beckons to NAFCOC to show leadership in these turbulent but exciting times and as an organisation we should be seen positively responding to this clarion call. The NAFCOC dream rests on the shoulders of men and women of impeccable business credentials whose unique footsteps and dreams we are worthy heirs to. Somewhere in this publication we read about the Family Best initiative, a programme of action that NAFCOC and its affiliates have embarked on to pool the buying power of township and rural retailers so as to enable that to access stock competitively.
This is only but one of the initiatives that we hope to be empowering our members with. We are firmly held to the belief that organisations of mere slogans can never sustain its members. We want to do things more differently and equip our members to be effective market place players. We are also expectant of seeing the newly established department of Small Business Development working for the betterment of the small business sector. We have interacted with Minister Lindiwe Zulu and we have found her interested to listen to the concerns of small business and we are looking forward to continued co-operation.

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