The members of NAFCOC are the subcribed and Affiliated to Sectoral Constituencies, organised sectoral based Provincial structures ans any other Organised Business Formation, Bodies as well as Associations admitted in accordance with the NAFCOC consitution.

1. The new NAFCOC Membership (The membership fee FOR ALL CATEGORIES is renewable each year.)

1.1.1 Individual / Affiliated Sectoral Members - The fee is R500 per year. For ordinary members in each sector

1.1.2 Platinum Corporate Members - R100 000 per year

1.1.3 Gold Corporate Members - R50 000 per year

1.1.4 Silver Corporate Members - R15 000 per year

1.1.5 Small Enterprise - R3 500

1.1.6 Honorary Members - Free

Members should note that there is a probationary period of twelve months before they can be voted to any NAFCOC office. Membership benefits are not transferrable to non-NAFCOC affiliated members.